Occupational Therapist

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East London
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Part Time, Full Time - Contract
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Fri 12th Jan 2018, 04:03pm

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Occupational Therapist

Objectives of the post




The job purpose of the occupational therapist is to offer a safe environment for an individual or group to explore, address and deal with personal and social difficulties e.g. grief, anxiety, and personal growth. This position will provide a specialised contribution to the clinical assessment and psychotherapeutic treatment of children, adolescents and their carers. The clinician will be expected to use existing knowledge and theoretical frameworks in a creative and innovative way to address highly intricate clinical situations that will differ for each patient.




The complexity and challenging needs of the pupils who attend the TCES Group of Schools will constantly impact on the therapist and the therapeutic relationship and the work is therefore highly skilled and specialised, demanding of the therapist advanced clinical skills at Post Graduate or equivalent level and a high degree of skills in self-management and multidisciplinary team working.




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